I'm a South Florida dwelling, dark chocolate obsessed, shortie who spends the majority of my time diving into the ocean or hanging out with my husband and friends! (Often times, both at the same time)


I freaking LOVE salt and vinegar chips (like I will eat them until my tongue is sore) and I'm super into smoothies! I try to stay pretty active, playing soccer and volleyball with friends, and doing Youtube yoga. I always have a slight urge to travel and explore somewhere new, knowing that I'll return to home base where I absolutely love living. I prefer some kind of citrus-y beer or a glass of red wine! I’m married to my 6’4” hottie of a husband, Edward. I am new to the whole "plant mom" thing, but I love bringing a little bit of the outdoors into my living space!

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A little more...

After work hangs on Oahu where I spent a couple months volunteering at a local coffee shop

After work hangs on Oahu where I spent a couple months volunteering at a local coffee shop

One of my fave things to photograph…the ocean! Check out the SHOP for all the ocean vibes for your home. (Above 2 photos by Joel Henson & Co.)
Waterfall hikes in beautiful Quebec, Canada
My handsome husband, Edward

My handsome husband, Edward


How I like

to shoot…


I don't just want to be your photographer for the day...I want to be your friend who knows and captures your story! So if you're down to go out for tacos and coronas (with lime, of course!) before our session, I am all about it! I believe that getting to know each other as friends is the absolute best way I can serve you. I'll more easily be able to capture your true self (or selves) without giving you weird directions that just aren't YOU. 

I also won't "pose" you...wait what?

Yeah! I'm not a fan of putting you in a stiff position and telling you to "hold it" while I press the shutter button. Movement is going to be our best friend! This gives you room to be your real, genuine self. If that's a little intimidating and you have no idea how to do that while being in front of a camera, don't worry! You're definitely not alone and that's why I'm here to give you guidance and direction! 

And if you don't necessarily want to become friends with your photographer and go on crazy adventures together, and I don't sound like the best fit for you, that is totally fine! Because I would much rather you find a photographer that is going to serve you just as you want! But if you are down for telling me all the details about your love story and going on a hike through the woods or a dip in the ocean...let's hang!

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