You and your person. You laugh together until your abs can't take it, you wipe away each other's tears when life sucks, and you encourage each other to pursue your dreams and not give up. This is who you wanna travel the world and experience new cultures with. This is who's arms you wanna cuddle in. This is who you want to navigate through life's adventures with. So let's freaking cheers to THAT and celebrate!

I want to capture whatever it is that makes you two, you two. With all the quirks, silly faces, and goofy dances. Whether it be at the sickest mountaintop after a nice hike, the big blue splashing in the waves, or the intimacy of your own cozy home, we are gonna make some memories.

Ready for a good time?


couple session


*If booking your elopement/wedding with me, engagement session may be added on at a discounted price of $200.

*Custom travel fee not included. Travel fees outside of Palm Beach County cover gas and/or flight, lodging, and rental car.

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