Revamping Taylor Rae Photography

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Over the past several months, I have had so many thoughts on this business that I started in January of this year. Taylor Rae Photography has been in business for 9 full months, and I’m ready to shake it up a bit! Since launching, I’ve taken on various clients and jobs, some that I found I don’t particularly love shooting. I wasn’t fully invested in every single shoot because I wasn’t passionate about every single shoot. To me, that’s just unfair to my clients because I want everyone I come in contact with to feel my enthusiasm and excitement to capture their particular story. Everyone’s story is worth documenting, and I now have a much clearer understanding of the stories I feel I can best document with the most eagerness, creativity, and passion.

I’m shifting the focus of Taylor Rae Photograph. I will now be offering my photography services to mainly 2 distinct audiences: couples and lifestyle bloggers and influencers. For the love birds out there, I want to work with you in celebration of your love! This can be in the form of a session for your engagement, anniversary, living in your first home together, or simply just because! It could also be documenting your devotion to each other through the union of marriage at your adventurous elopement or intimate wedding, surrounded by your family and closest companions. 

The other audience I hope to serve are the passionate souls who have something to share with the world from their social media platform. For you lifestyle bloggers and influencers, I want to help you reach your audience with whatever positive and uplifting message you have to share. We'll work closely to create content for your social platforms that represents the real you.

(Check out each section in the info page of my website to learn more about the people I hope to work with and their stories I hope to capture.)

One of the biggest additions to the business (and one I’m most excited about) is an online print shop!! It’s not up and running quite yet, but now that the website is complete and live, I will be able to nail down the shop details! If you’ve been following along with me for any amount of time, or if you explored the about page of my website, you’ll know that I LOVE the ocean! It’s home for me, and I know it’s home for many of you, too. But even if it’s not, now may be your opportunity to bring a little bit of the sea into your living space! There will be a variety of options of underwater/ocean photography for you to purchase and hang in your home! Stay tuned for the shop to open and get ready for all the beach vibes you’ll ever need!

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During the process of creating this new website, I honestly couldn't wait to sit down and get back to it! When I would take a break and go out to run some errands, I was happy just to get back home, sit down in a comfy corner, and go to work! I got so excited to finish up a page, add the perfect photo in the perfect spot, change the font of a certain had me anxiously anticipating (in a great way) where my little photography business would be in the future, and just how it would arrive there. Creating my new website was so emboldening because as I was designing it and creating new content, I felt like it truly represented me and what I've been wanting my business to look like. This isn't to say that my business up until now, or my first website, didn't accurately represent me, but this one just felt more authentic and representative of my passion.

This revamping process has had me dreaming about my goals and visions for Taylor Rae Photography. I hope to one day be flying across the country (or better yet, across continents!) to meet with my amazing couples who wanna go on hiking adventures and capture their love in the sickest locations. I wanna work with the most inspiring influencers to help them reach others with an impactful message. Most of all, I can’t wait to connect with incredible people, become great friends, and help each other take giant steps to reach our dreams.

Whether you’ve been with me from the beginning, or you just stumbled upon me this week, thank you for your support! I’m honored to have you come along this journey with me as it continues to evolve. I’m so excited about where it’s come so far, and I eagerly anticipate where it will go in the future.

| Taylor Rae |

P.S. I’m also starting to build an email list! I know, that doesn’t sound like the most fun, but it’s simply to be able to make announcements about any new blog posts or updates moving forward! Feel free to subscribe here on the blog or at the bottom of any other page in my website to stay in the know and get the latest news! I promise I will only send a few emails a month! There will be no spam!

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