Matt + Piper | Engagement Session | Palm Beach, FL

Matt+Piper_TR2018 (48 of 49).jpg

"My mom is obsessed..." 

We were talking about how Matt and Piper could drop what they're doing with their lives and become models. Apparently Piper's mom agrees!  Seriously though, Matt and Piper have such an incredible relationship and it truly came out in our session together! It was an extremely fun time, full of laughter and love!

I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Piper, a fellow local photographer, while making her coffee at Pumphouse Coffee Roasters in City Place (locals should definitely check it out!). After a few visits we found out we were both photographers, checked out each others work, and got to talking about an engagement shoot! 

It was an honor to witness Matt and Piper's love, and I am so excited for their future together!